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33+ www links…See Below, the following intros.
All specifically about Methylation. ‘rr’=Ricia Rites comments
Near bottom is specifically the  confusion about B vits,- Folate?   synthetic folic info.  & PG issue links.

According to Mark Hyman, MD, “methylation is one of the body’s most essential biochemical functions, greatly affecting the working of almost all organ systems. Methylation is continuous, happening billions of times each second. One of its most important functions is repairing damaged DNA. Because methylation is so important, methy cycle abnormalities are possibly THE root cause of most of the serious diseases that plague us today”.

” It’s entirely possible your doctor may not know much about the MTHFR gene mutations and that you’ll have to do a little educating. In the medical field, it takes about 18 years for something to become ‘known practice’ and these two defects are a relatively recent discovery (1995 for variant 677 and 2001 for variant 1298).”   rr-source unk  (*_-)

“Independent researchers, doctors, and even patients are researching, writing articles, creating podcasts, and uploading their presentations to YouTube about MTHFR and methylation. But much if not most of their information is unpublished. Many of these people researching don’t even hold a degree in the field. So what happens when you start throwing acronyms such as methylation and MTHFR all over the place while looking at these seemingly overly complex diagrams? People, physicians, and even scientists may be quick to call this activity unscientific and alternative medicine quackery. Something that looks overly complicated (like quantum physics) that seems to have suddenly appear out of nowhere must fall in this category, right?
Welcome to the 21st century. When science doesn’t do their job or is underfunded, independent researchers, doctors, and patients will step up to the plate. Researching isn’t just for those sitting in their Ivory Tower anymore. It’s becoming hugely collaborative.
rr pretty sure this is a Ben Lynch ND. quote

“Many prescription and over the counter agents compromise Methyl Cycle function, leading to important (but initially silent) long-term side-effects.” rr source unk (*_-)
rr- Methylation Overview for Professionals, (not good for newbies)
“Many of the learnings about this gene defect have come out of the Human Genome project and taught us that there are as many as 50+ variants of the MTHFR gene. However, only two are considered ‘common’ defects that today’s MTHFR Blood Test checks for, those are: 677 and 1298 (discovered in 1995 and 2001 respectively). Check the FAQ to learn more about being tested for MTHFR.”
rr- warrior-but seems likely above average quality. Recommend good info on their home page!!
A Suggested Methylation Protocol
Mthfr-mutations-2 videos 2014 by Nutritionist member of Defeat Autism Now, practitioner
“The Number One Community and Information Resource for Survivors of Environmental and Invisible Illnesses The Environmental Illness Resource is the result of a wish to create one place where information on a number of related, and poorly understood, chronic illnesses could be presented.”
rr- personally been Invisible, but able enough to; ‘kick in doors’ and ‘turn over rocks’ for 35 yrs, and not even a T-Shirt! Praise be to the Genome boys!! ‘23andme’ download and understanding links ?? CBS mutation. “When doing its job correctly, the CBS gene will convert homocysteine into cystathionine, and this pathway removes sulfur containing amino acids. When it’s not doing its job correctly, you could have an excess of sulphur, which can cause kidney damage. Experts strongly recommend avoiding processed foods if you have this mutation, since they can have high amounts of sulphur. This mutation can also cause low serotonin and dopamine, and make you sensitive to chemicals. Conversely, one can have an elevated, “up-regulated” CBS pathway, resulting in excess ammonia, urinary sulfates, and lowered breakdown of glutathione.”
CBS, Sterling- 2012    rr-I agree with often urged priority!  You have to know your CBS variant circumstance before you go doing anything else.  (I think of the CBS- as in charge of your ‘filters’) I believe if your digestion, absorption is not fixed first as in HCL(enough stomach acid) and your gut biome happy, very little is going to improve!  Everything is ‘chicken or egg’ and what to do first is why I collected these links.  Sorry it is serious complex stuff.
“MTHFR is a common genetic variant that causes a key enzyme in the body to function at lower than normal rate. This can lead to a variety of medical problems, when people with MTHFR are exposed to more toxins than their bodies can handle. There are over 50 known MTHFR variants, but the two prime variants are called 677 and 1298, the numbers refer to their location on the gene. The routine lab test for MTHFR variant only reports on 677 and 1298 as these are the most studied. The 677 variant is associated with early heart disease and stroke and the 1298 variant with a variety chronic illnesses.”
Methylation Defects in Autism Disorders By Cindy Schneider M.D.
‘MTHFR genetic defect – what it is and how it can affect you’$%7Bweburl%7D
ME, Chronic Fatigue Date unk
“Rich Van Konynenburg’s Based on his hypothesis, he has been encouraging the application of methylation cycle treatment (originally developed to treat autism), to the treatment of CFS. This type of treatment was found in a clinical study to provide significant benefit to about two-thirds of the CFS patients who participated, and its use is growing in the CFS community internationally.”

rr This fellow belongs in some Hall of Fame.  But he has now passed on and did his best to lay ground work Dr Amy Yasko appreciated so much she dedicated her book to him!  Long Video, inc detailed slides, likely very valuable for chronic illness.

CF/ME, folks get yourself over to forums at forums!  My number one best location for useful info for being very unwell for a very long time.  FYI forum newbies; Just watch and read at first, NO matter how desperate you are, don’t ask too selfish or enormous questions.  It is an excellent resource and there are really knowledgeable folks in there who will help if they too have time.  Teach your self as much as you can first and asking specific sm things gets the most answers from the smart ones! imo  nobody has time to sort out someone really finally scared into teaching themselves what is best for them.  Sorry this stuff is an ‘ugly job’, but the best success you will ever have, if you make yourself your priority.  Seeing someone else to be ‘your authority’ for complex issue almost never works and costs a lot of money, IMO.
Nutrigenomics and Methylation?
rr- OK this is ‘Leader of the Pack’  THE Dr Amy PhD
I am very uncomfortable with her constantly referring to ‘gene mutations’ when she is speaking about ‘gene variants’,  Perhaps I am mistaken but I see it as ‘marketing spin’.
(Feb 2016) I am a ‘newbie’, but what little I know is that she was the first fully developed/capitalized and in the genomics personalized med game, both early and with sublime marketing!  Lots of ‘clones’ spinning off and ‘in bed with her’ depending on her no doubt excellent ‘clean’ supplements.  That is good for those who can afford ‘base line’ testing and continued ‘tweaking’ with more testing, very carefully….. so as to not further imbalance themselves by lack of understanding or good oversight.

I personally over the last 20 yrs have undergone many of the same tests she is depending on for calibrations.  My concern is in reading her latest ‘Companion Guide- 2015’, is I just see stunning disregard about basic upper gut digestion and a lot of assumption about bioavailability!  She encourages healing the gut first as though most of us have not struggle to do that for years already.  My personal experience with; a Palo Alto CA, Orthomolecular medical clinic, ran by a Stanford University Hospital Cardiologist, a London Environmental Hospital and others  specializing in functional med esp sm bowel/ IBS, have been a failure for me.   I feel I also know a lot more than most about CTM (Chinese Med) and Homeopathic options, (which work best for the overly sensitive for relief but not cure imo). I was compliant and deeply involved three previous times with state of the art ‘functional med resource clinics’, dedicated to exactly what Dr Amy is doing.  I did this on various continents over 35 yrs.  Bless those practioners, had we had genome info perhaps my situation would have benefited me more than it taught them!  But her protocol, might do her more good than it does you.

Just be careful who you pay to ‘Practice’ on you!  You likely have to be your own authority rather than hope to find someone to turn your life over to.  BIG JOB, so I have gather all these links up for you. oxo-rr
Feel Good Nutrigenomics: Your roadmap to health by Amy Yasko PhD, ND.
Free book download: Pathways to Recovery.  rr- you must log in!

*Homocysteine-mixture of current conventional opinion based on possible bad science?
Homocysteine, Folic Acid and the Heart: An Association Unravels
Feb. 22, 2012 Time Magazine  rr- write up about IMO, Bad Science and run away urban myths, see below refutation.
Mainstream Doctors Still Confused About Homocysteine June 2006 rr fascinating, apparently debunks homocysteine’s fall from grace was bad science!
Homocysteine Reduction rr- extensive! By long time leaders in the field,’ Life Extension*’
Heartfixer: Dr. Roberts MD, Ohio “an interventional cardiologist” rr-Son of a Dr, is age early 60’s, Running a huge unconventional clinic treating ‘non operateable heart’ conditions.
rr- I have chose to first get a formal report from this ‘pioneer’ perhaps, ‘maverick'(?) in the conventional medical community?  Thanks to a 2012- ’23’, my main risk factor is related to ‘sticky blood’- common inherited cholesterol issues.  I am age 64 and hope Dr Roberts will write me a report specific to his cardiology specialty, with ‘protocols’ (what to do) but NOT to specific brands of ‘paten formulas’ (private label supplements who ever is offering them stands to profit by).
I hope to foremost address what to do for my and my families CVD(Cardio Vascular Disease) that will develop as I age, as did my senior family members.
Roberts www
gives away his knowledge free on his www!  Screen based, it is very Unsophisticated and  Very hard to read, let alone understand for a newbie.  His clinic uses NO tech or electronics so no email!  As someone with time and desperation to get the genomic options sorted for myself, at least where my risk lies……he is best for me as his career in Cardiovascular issues. 

NO forums, and  he seems (?) quickly developing has his own, economical supplements.  He is truly ‘Practicing med’!  Best he has the credentials you can quote when defending your personal choices and I can not find him on ‘Quack Watch’, at least yet!
rr xox “make haste slowly!”
Dr. James’ Mind Institute Lectures are available online: See Research Priorities Panel Discussion Lecture #20 down the list & Implications of a Redox Imbalance and Oxidative Stress in Autism #23 down the list for Dr. James’ discussion. November 2006.

Folate Metabolism- PG-miscarriage links near bottom

Folate is Vitamin B9 and is not the same as folic acid. (Folic acid is synthetic and is not found in nature. It must undergo various transformations to utilisation.)

“Methylfolate is a remarkable nutrient yet it can create significant side effects.  Those who have MTHFR mutations (especially the C677T MTHFR mutation) learn that methylfolate is critical to take. The  issue is methylfolate can cause more harm than good if not started at the right time or tapered up slowly in amount”

“Symptoms of over-methylation can include muscle pain or headaches, fatigue, insomnia, irritability or anxiety.”
rr- my original experience the day following taking water with pure Meth-L-folate, JUST  pure 150mcg = 2 drops …was a very tight jaw and feeling like I had had far too much caffeine. (What in England is called ‘Ratty’ or ‘Cross’!)  Mind and attitude was much better but overall,  Nasty unable to do much, let alone sleep that night.
See advice where ever you can find it…… that common a way to cope (if this is your reaction) is an ordinary easy to get electrolytes or a single Bvit called  Niacin. Both are recommended to ‘reset’ or ‘clear’ (?) detox quick.  I only know about very tiny amounts of electrolytes (like are used for children who have had serious diarrhea and are dehydrated.)  Cheap and at the Drug/Chemist, store/shop.  (They also loosen the bowel, imo which helps detox.)  My experience with Niacin in the early 1980s recommended by my ‘Orthomolecular Physician’ for detox, was that it gives you a strong ‘Flush’ (your face upper body turns fiery red- briefly and your body seems to be throwing stuff out to cool your personal filters off?? is my best guess.  It was not bad and not really warm, but best if you know to expect it, as is common and likely why it works so well?  I believe it is also inexpensive, but I would NOT risk just any brand or trying it at all. I use tiny amounts (one half tsp) of the electrolytes in water. It is sweet tasting and with sparking water very pleasant!

rr- from my own hasty notes, unk source and Not offered as advice:
Excessive neurotransmission, Niacin
(Nicotinic Acid) 50mg-ever 30-60 min
NOT-niacinamide =(quenches SAM)
What is Folate
“The little known (but crucial) difference between folate and folic acid”
rr-Extremely important to get ones head around!
not fixedOpens to chart, Methyl Cycle NutriGenomics
rr- extremely serious stuff
“Traditional recommendation for MTHFR is folic acid supplement because it is thought that folic acid can help to correct folate deficiency. But recent research shows that folic acid may not be a suitable solution for MTHFR. Related finding and evidence are discussed as follows.”
“Nutrition Tips: Folic Acid: Killer or Cure-All?” HuffPost 6-4-2010
rr- Folic vs Folate, dated but excellent. I expect USA-FDA long mandated fortified food to fall out of favor due to being proven responsible for the metabolic syndrome and miscarriages. Esp since the MTHFR mutations are so common (?) 70% population! “We just published our new page on folic acid. While it is still being fine-tuned, it is chock-full of information on this supplement, its safety, its downsides, and its potential benefits with regard to depression. Similar to most B-vitamins, folic acid is safe when taken in large acute doses; unlike other B-vitamins, however, there is evidence that even just 200% of the RDA is not advisable over the long run.”

rr- Enormous and possibly valuable??? Scanning they seem naive about about MTHFR What are the best dosage amounts of Methylfolate and Methylcobalamin for me?

Methylfolate Side Effects

Side effects: rr- very important, you can get really ill doing very simple-good things and no one you describe it to will believe YOU!

Foods Naturally High in Folate
rr- caution know about your histamine, oxalate, salicylates, sensitivities first!  See; those topics on Spocks Daughter
“Top 20 Folate Containing Foods”
rr- caution, all of this list would nearly kill me and any else who’s detox cycle was as lame as mine is currently. (12/15) You are not what you eat you are what you digest.  Foods Highest in folate, page from a food data base.
rr-Caution, what one is sensitive too is a very delicate balance.  You can hurt your self badly on things Very good for one thing but in your case NOT tolerated for another reason!

*Being able to carry the next generation:  ‘PG’
rr- MTHFR- webinar for those with mutations and wanting to carry successful pregnancy
miscarriages and ignorance about bad B vits
Big forum/multi thread, site related to Pregnancy and (?) baby loss
rr – concise, referenced, element function.

Am J Hum Genet. 2000 Sep; 67(3): 623–630. Pub online 2000 Aug 7. doi:10.1086/303055 Polymorphisms in Genes Involved in Folate Metabolism as Maternal Risk Factors for Down Syndrome Down syndrome is a complex genetic and metabolic disorder attributed to the presence of three copies of chromosome 21. The extra chromosome derives from the mother in 93% of cases and is due to abnormal chromosome segregation during meiosis (nondisjunction). Except for advanced age at conception, maternal risk factors for meiotic nondisjunction are not well established. A recent preliminary study suggested that abnormal folate metabolism and the 677C→T polymorphism in the methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR) gene may be maternal risk factors for Down syndrome.

rr-this one above is for my brother David Harvey, born soon after myself, abt 1954 and died before age 3ish, I have no memories of him.  The lasting impact of such a short a life was huge on my self, 6 sisters who followed his birth, and our Father an only-child, who our mother really wanted to give an heir.

To this day our mother has never been able to admit to anyone (as far as I know), that David was handicapped.  A senior family member (apparently sworn to secrecy(?) got so anxious, she showed me a photo of a Downs baby in a high chair, when I was in my own first pregnancy at 7mos!  My poor mother, 6 following successful pregnancies must have been filled with anxiety!! that affected those fetuses, my now 6 younger sisters she dearly wanted to be boys!

The sister born 9 months following Davids sudden death, had enormous ‘failure to thrive issues’, eczema /allergies that the family revolved around for many years and required my mother and grandmothers devotion to keep her alive.  I suspect our healthy young mothers extreme emotions while carrying that sister were a serious biological impact, since they were not seen in the following 5 younger sisters. (I presume extreme B-Vit deficiencies due to emotions).
(My current understanding is that Downs mutations are in the egg itself).  No decedents of the seven sisters, have that true mutation but I am betting a lot of very close variants.  I am Autistic.  I am doing this research for all the family, should any be interested? ‘Patty’

additional MTHFR, (see core MTHFR topic on the www table of contents, that is where  the best MTHFR links are posted).
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