MCAS Histamine Overload…Kids suffering

Just stunningly good, clean, easy,  presented at major conf on Mast Cells so vetted for possibly as good as it got in 2013

RR esp for newbies


FYI-if you highlight and ‘copy’ the green line of print under the picture above,

and you then paste it into the body of an email you want to send to someone else so they see the same info…

Being sure to hitting return at the end of what ‘pastes’

– if it lights up blue and an underline appears….

who ever you send that email to, can then (all being well) also  then click on that line in your email to them  and automatically they too will see and be able to  just go through the slides and see what you have seen.  Hopefully with an appreciative heart and gratitude!   r

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