Blog launched!

OK this whole Midwifing thing, helping give birth……….to:
The baby is live and seems to have most of its fingers and toes!

I really apologize for the needed editing waiting, I am but me and I hope to get much changed once I get some help.

As I say: “deal with it”!

If I have promised you the sources on my ‘collected links’ to do your own condensed surfing…..
at least they are as I say ‘UP’! ‘Knock yourself out’.

NOTE under the Media heading is a link to a huge number of obviously expensively carefully crafted power point shows. Now posted to some ‘Cloud’ somewhere. Their original purpose not obvious to me.

I would suggest you put in a single word title in the surf bar and see what is there in your particular interest. My own all too short visit, found I think nearly a quarter of a million carefully prepared slide shows each on ‘Asthma’ and ‘Skin’!
(Gives you an idea of how good your going to need to get being selective if you do go there!)

I suggest no more than I know so far; it is possibly great for beginners in any one field of interest. It totally blew me away and I hope to ‘go-there’ when time allows and pull things back out and onto these pages. It will esp valuable for visual learners like myself.

Note for example the Skin category for instance, had lots of commercial product sales pages for skin products ‘being exactly what you need to spend your money on quick!’ etc.

The fact your skin is five layers deep and the top layer is completely dead, just waiting to fall off is Not something your going to find on those pages! Sadly likely a big hunt to find out what is proven about how to get your insides to make good skin…. will be hard to locate too. Let me know what you find!

I am going to get some Sunday morning breakfast and watch it rain here in SW England.

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