‘Doing’ is Hard!

Blogging about an entirely different subject, being HEALTHY as possible.
‘Inflammation’, and all that goes with it, is what my effort to join blog-sphere is about.

If you are overwhelmed and scared for yourself (or someone you are the one better-able to search for knowledge for,) I will do my best to make sure there are pointers for those ‘beginning a journey’ to something (?) at least more consistent and hopefully better! Some of us have lots of ‘chapters’ under our belts and it is them I want to write to.

The headings to these links possibly look all over the place, topic wise! That is ‘the tribes’ that I belong to and they are growing fast. Those human groupings of suffers ie ‘tribes’ are in my opinion groupings do to the cost of ‘modern (sic) living through better chemistry’! I hope folks will see convergence of their own issue they are struggling with as I have discovered. And depending on their own lead-in aspect find useful directions they may not yet have known were VERY related!

I have hunted nearly 40+ years. wanting to just be more able than I seemed to be compared to everyone else. My issues are small compared to everyone else. But when they dominate my life and force me to not participate in average life they become very big to me and those around me.

Long isolated folks like myself, seem to me to have jumped into cyber world as soon as it materialized. I am 63 and got on line in 1993, but very very slowly! My mind style understands quick but I learn slowly and get frustrated easily so a girl geek I a not! I do not want to do social media and this blog and what I want to ‘share’ is a big step.

I was not expecting to crash AGAIN, but life demands we learn and but my direction has changed to very serious research in the fast evolving area of sensitivities. I keep saying how pleased I am science has caught up with me! And am so newly hopeful I have become my own ‘warrior’! Encourage me if you can.

I hasten to add I believe the health industry and esp ‘big-pharma’ (meaning the medication industry) seriously needs new venues/’conditions’ to design adjunctitive preparations to sell into. Making money from those suffering pain is an age old industry!

I am keen to also warn about what I will call ‘snake oil’, (a popular American colloquialism referring to health products sold by early traveling sales men traveling by horse and wagon and sold to gathering street crowds in very early America. Snake Oil must have been one of the claimed ingredients… but the name stuck to represent all the things that simply were hokum (could not exist!) Snakes are not oily! So snake oil is intended to mean a nostrum-(good for you) concocted, fantastical, a too good to be true something, then sold by hucksters to the gullible. ‘Think’ QVC-televised Home Shopping Network! Good sales machine- moving fast, profit motivated and no accountability after the sale!

As you will see this my own ‘new chapter’, is linked to the www of my primary passion. If my intentions play out ok, hopefully I can gather up and arrange what I can locate and contribute as a sharing source for those hunting for similar support.

I am ‘hot on the trail of’ (very seriously researching!) Mast Cells research and somewhat genetics. FYI a very personal disclosure: Sometimes I think I have been disbelieved so much I want anything concrete to ‘shove in the face’ of those who could not be kind when I really could have used just a little encouragement!

The need for this blog at all is Family my own or others like me! I am finding the particular symptoms I read, fitting the wide varieties of my mothers extended family relatives suffer! And boy is that validating too! Just maybe some kinfolks will be interested or their lives not blighted by treating symptoms with further seriously damaging medications. Perhaps young women in my family can know them selves sooner and be more fulfilled rather than struggle with their lack of strength.

Being one of the Invisible Disabled, who fears slipping further into a disabled old age or no old age! I am delighted at science catching up with the likes of me and the rest of us TOO sensitives. Now we are being called ‘cyberchondriacs’ and ‘worried well’. I think because we also are often smart enough to not be compliant so as to as accepting well meaning damage. ARE well out of ‘test’ range. And we are determined to keep hope to help ourselves by our own effort. I am of the belief that we and our passion for BETTER can drive change.

Doing is hard. Talk is cheap. We all have choice, use IT!

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