Skills Kitchen & Tractor Shed Classroom Visitor's Impressions:

"Is it possible to have so many interests and to have gathered so much and still have an open mind for more?

"Ricia's workshop is so full and one thing leads to another.  So full of carefully collected treasures.  So full of minute details and histories.  Things that might otherwise have fallen into disrepair of been forgotten or thrown away.  Things that tell of other times of other uses and other owners.  It's like a well organised museum but the key to where everything is and it's story is Ricia!

"Her knowledge of plants and their dyeing properties is celebrated in her beautiful work, quiet gorgeous colours of the earth." -- Rachel Phillimore, Northumberland Rag Rug textile Artist and Author  


"What an amazing space!  You have got something magic in these four walls." -- Sadie Spikes, Owner of Boutique Caravan B&B's 


From the recent Pasture to Project talk:

“Re-invigorated my enthusiasm.”  -- Sue

“The whole talk was fascinating, especially hearing about the history of how and when it all started. Many thanks”  -- H. M.

“Personal charm, simple, engaging and lovely samples” -- anon