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Purchasing local fleece from small flocks and cleaning it for crafting

100 slides of the entire scouring process & identifying breeds of sheep

Ricia spent the early 2000 developing her own wool sorting and scouring techniques. Her knowledge is mostly based around rare and minority sheep breeds.

Ricia, a social historian and passionate textile enthusiast, photo-documented many of her processes to make sharing ‘how-to’ easy

Raw wool, fresh clipped off the sheep’s back, is available from small flocks in villages, towns and even cities.

A whole fleece can be very inexpensive, occasionally even free for the asking, from those who do not want it to go to waste every year when it needs to be shorn.

Many considerations about the time of the year and what kind of the many, many breeds of sheep work best for what purpose and how to clean it will be covered. 

Ricia writes:  “I found taking something very dirty and getting it clean, and fluffy, makes me feel extremely successful with for very little effort!  It is fun to have such a sense of accomplishment and get so much ‘shareable’ supply for such little money”.

She has handled over 14 different breeds of sheep mostly rare or minority breeds taking their wool through all processing stages.  Over the period of about 8 years, while traveling to meet folks who knew about the wool industry, she learned to identify breeds on sight and knocked on a number of doors to inquire if purchase of shorn fleece was possible when pet flocks were next sheared? Ricia has meant many likeminded women and learned about what remains of the British wool industry.

She has moved on (as textile folks do) and now spends most of her time hedge-row dyeing British ‘semi luster long wool’ yarn.

Rica’s personal goal is to encourage inexpensive artistic expression and self-reliance.

She shows slides (on a 42 inch monitor), about the ins and outs of learning which sheep breed is good for what purpose and how different their wool can be.  Best of all are the pictures of the sheer thrill of watching wool transform, after cleaning, as it springs to life, just wanting to be used.

For example, scouring can be a big outdoor job.  It is messy and not for the faint hearted. It is fun to do with a friend or family. The costs can be very small, the main expenses being hot water and soap mixtures (you could use the familie’s urine).  The tools are as simple as large buckets and net vegetable bags.  The very highest quality fleece, raw from a producer, usually costs less than a posh coffee for you and two or three of your friends.

One fleece is enough for a significant number of projects, and some breeds of fleece can come in 3 colors on the same animal.

This program will be repeated and followed by several others in development. Please join her distribution list for updates.

You too can join Ricia’s passion for Fire and Water Projects at her rustic, comfy training center in a barn

Mid Wiltshire,  24 miles from Bath, 18 miles from Marlborough, 21 miles from Salisbury 17 miles from Frome

“Come and share the satisfaction of all the women who went before us.”

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