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Based in mid-Wiltshire; available throughout southern England & Wales 

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Tribute to Justin Smith

Justin Smith has passed away, aged just 46.  I knew him from a couple of places where he regularly taught.  He was my main local source for informatiom on lichens.  I mourn his passing and hold his memory in honour. 

Upcoming Events

I have several ideas bubbling in the cauldren.  Check them out on the Upcoming Events page! 


Plants, Economic Botany: 

  • Medicinal & dye plant foraging
  • Identification of traditional, 'wild-crafted' source materials
  • Herb growing & harvesting
  • Making salves, and homemade first aid products (using time-honoured traditional processes)

Hedgerow Dyeing:

  • Dyeing wool (using common food ingredients as mordants)
  • How to turn garden waste into colour

Bee Keeping, Using Bees Wax:

  • A Decade of Bee Keeping (entertaining, general interest & scenic natural history)
  • Bee Keeping as a Hobby: What is it like? (Photo introduction for those considering the craft, Q&A undertaken with my husband who manages our apiary)
  • Sophisticated processing & techniques of working with bee's wax


  • Social history of textile production
  • Sheep breeds and introduction to wool spinning
  • Drop & supported spindle spinning for improvers
  • Fleece preparation & scouring

Food preservation:

(un-illustrated talk, Q&A or panel discussion only)

exceptional expertize in this broad topic, please inquire   

What I Do & Don't Do

I am happy to consider participating in any number of formats.  My fees vary according to associated opportunities, for example if I am allowed to trade. I also willingly barter. If you are a charity or unwaged do not hesitate to see what is possible. 

My knowledge is unique, and I consider my time valuable.  I am willing to travel.  I am not  usually interested in booking a year ahead.  If not too busy, I will consider modest fees in winter (prior to early spring weather) if the group is regional and the audience numbers more than 40.  I suggest that groups combine to host my presentations.

I rarely independently organise events.  My time and energy goes to finishing more tutorials for my web site and toward the writing I have been asked to undertake. 

I will give a deep discount for an engagement where I personally may send additional  'open invitations' to others who I know are interested in attending my portion of the event.  I suggest this as a win-win situation for all involved. 


Any engagement I accept must allow young people (age 8 to 20) and the elderly (age 70+) to attend at a deeply discounted cost and must include advertising to that effect.  My dedication is to helping the next generation and to thanking the previous one.

I give media interviews only with a 'right or review', that is I must directly approve any quotes used, etc.  Please note that this is a policy of long standing, and I will not waive it.

Speaking of media, I do not sell on-line, take orders, tweet, Facebook, Etsey, Revelry, etc.  I do not like e-mails that might stimulate a long answer, but I am at home most times and happily take telephone calls between 9 AM and 9 PM.

Please note:

I would like to be included on lists that announce events and activities world wide that are related to my fields of interest.  Please add my email address:

I want to share with other adults what I have learned.  May I be of service.