I have gathered these terms, with thanks, from sources on the Worldwide Web.  I provide them here on good faith, but I have not verified the information nor take responsibility that it is correct.

Dye Terms Glossary 

 Alum -- Potassium aluminum sulfate - granular form.  It acts like a magnet transferring Marbling Colours from Methyl Cel base to the fabric.

Ammonium Sulfate -- A mild acid forming salt used with WashFast Acid Dyes.  It is used to insure levelness for light to medium shades, and it comes in a granular form.

Auxiliary -- The products necessary to assist dyeing.

Calsolene -- A low foaming substitute for Synthrapol.  It is an excellent wetting agent when dyeing protein fibres.

Citric Acid Crystals -- The preferred substitute for Acetic Acid 56%.  Use 1 teaspoon to replace 1 teaspoon of Acetic Acid 56%.  It comes in a granular form.

Glauber Salt -- Sodium sulfate.  Use it in place of common salt when dyeing wool, nylon and silk with acid dyes.  It may also be used with reactive dyes, especially turquoise, to increase colour yield.

Glycerin -- a liquid auxiliary used in both of the recipes for making the thickened paste for devore/burn-out and coloured discharge printing.

Guar Gum -- An industrial gum used to thicken the burn-out/devore paste during burn out processes.  It will not break down under strong acid conditions.

Lye -- Sodium hydroxide.  A strong alkali used with vat dyes such as Indigo.  Wear protective clothing when mixing Lye and have good ventilation.  Always add Lye to cold water!  It is considered corrosive by UPS and has an additional shipping charge.

Pot Ash -- Potassium Carbonate.  A replacement for dye activator or Soda Ash.  It dissolves very easily.

Soda Ash -- Sodium Carbonate.  It is used as an alkali fixative for reactive dyes.

Sodium Acetate Crystals -- An acid forming salt that acts as a leveling agent for Sabraset/Lanaset dyes.

Sodium Bicarbonate -- Bicarbonate of soda or baking soda.  A weal alkali used to set reactive dyes by steaming or ironing.

Synthrapol LF -- A low foaming version of Synthrapol.

Synthrapol SP -- A concentrated liquid wetting agent and surfactant compatible with all dye classifications.  Use it with Soda Ash to scour fabric before dyeing.  Also recommended for the final hot wash of reactive dyes.  It may also be added to the dye bath to improve levelness and aid wetting out of fibre.

Thiox -- Thourea Dioxide.  A safe replacement for sodium hydrosulfite in vat dyeing, discharge printing and general colour stripping on cellulose and protein fibres.  It is non-flammable and has a good shelf life if stored in a dry location.  It is five times stronger than sodium hydrosulfite.

Urea -- A synthetic nitrogen compound used as a humectant in printing and painting with all classes of dyes.  It also increases the solubility of the dyes.